• You may only catch the first Pokemon in each new route/area. Dupes clause is up to you.
  • When a Pokemon faints, it may not be used anymore, except in cases of HMs you cannot use otherwise.
  • You may use any house rules you usually use for Nuzlockes, as long as they don't contradict the rules below.
  • When you capture a Pokemon, randomize a number from one to 19. This is now your Pokemons' job, based on the list below.
  • After a major fight, flip a coin. If heads, your Pokemon can gain a secondary job. They can only have two jobs. If their rules overlap or contradict each other, roll again.
  • Your Pokemons' job only affects you if they're in the party. For example, if you have a Scholar, you can only look up guides if they're in your party.

Warrior (1)

Also known as: Knight, Mystic Knight, Gladiator, Squire, Fencer, Mog Knight
This Pokemon may only use moves classified as physical.

Thief (2)

Also known as: Ninja, Rogue
While this Pokemon is in your party, you can play on switch mode. You may also hold items. (If your Pokemon is holding an item when this Pokemon faints, they may keep it.)
If possible, must know the move Thief.

Monk (3)

Also known as: Master, White Monk, Defender
You may only use moves without additional effects - excluding punching moves. You can use any punching move.

Red Mage (4)

Also known as: Red Wizard, Illusionist, Bishop
While this Pokemon can allow you to heal in battle, and use special and physical moves, they may not be over a base power of 75. You can also only use up to Super Potions in-battle.

White Mage (5)

Also known as: White Wizard, Devout, Oracle, Conjurer, Green Mage
You may heal HP and status in battle while you have this Pokemon in your party. If they are able to learn a recovery move , they must keep it.

Black Mage (6)

Also known as: Black Wizard, Time Mage, Necromancer, Thaumaturge, Spellblade
This Pokemon may only use moves classified as special.

Archer (7)

Also known as: Ranger, Sniper, Assassin
Cannot use moves that make contact.

Scholar (8)

Also known as: Sage, Chemist, Alchemist
While this Pokemon is alive, you may look up guides online.
You may also plant and grow berries, if your game is able to.

Geomancer (9)

Also known as: Arithmetician, Elementalist
This Pokemon must know at least one field move, Secret Power or Nature Power.
You may use the Underground or Secret Bases, if they are avaliable.

Dragoon (10)

Also known as: Templar
If this Pokemon can learn a two-turn move - either with a recharge time OR with a charge-up turn - they must learn it and use it at the beginning of every fight they're in.

Dark Knight (11)

Also known as: Gunbreaker
If any other Pokemon faints, this one can be sacrificed instead. You do not need to, however.

Evoker (12)

Also known as: Summoner, Arcanist
Every major event, you must choose one effect for this Pokemon to have from the others, excluding Onion Knights. These do not stack.

Bard (13)

Also known as: Dancer, Mediator
If possible, this Pokemon must have a sound-based move on their moveset.

Blue Mage (14)

Also known as: Mime, Juggler
You may only use moves which are types of gyms you have beaten, plus normal-type moves.
(Every gym, you may also choose a secondary type to unlock.)
If you can hack, you may choose one move your Pokemon learns from a major battles' ace. This move cannot be erased, and must be changed every major battle - but this move is immune from Rule One.

Beserker (15)

Also known as: n/a
Act as if this Pokemon is holding a Choice item - you may only use one move with them until they switch out.
If you can hack, you can even give them a Choice Item. You can equip it, even without a Thief in the party.

Beastmaster (16)

Also known as: Puppetmaster, Animist, Trickster, Chocobo Knight
You may skip up to three first encounters on a route with this Pokemon.
If playing ORAS, you may use DexNav on your first encounter - to try and get a better one.
If you are playing on a game with Wonder Trade, you can instead Wonder Trade one encounter per gym badge.

Gunner (17)

Also known as: Cannoneer, Corsair, Gadgeteer, Flintlock
You cannot use moves with under 100% accuracy. (If you only have moves under 100% accuracy, and you cannot learn any others, ignore this rule.) You must learn any Ball or Bomb moves you can - and can use them regardless of accuracy.

Samurai (18)

Also known as: Rune Fencer, Parivir
This Pokemon must use attacks with secondary effects. (Example - they cannot use Vine Whip, but they can use Razor Leaf.) Non-damaging moves are fine.

Freelancer (19)

Also known as: Onion Knight
If this Pokemon evolves, choose another job for them. They are no longer a Freelancer.